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Bastille Cafe and Bar - Seattle WA

New Leaf Builders were contracted in April of 2009 to remodel the interior of an existing building in the “Ballard” neighborhood of Seattle, Wa.


The owners of the restaurant, James Weimann and Deming Maclise, were inspired by the 21st arrondissement of Paris and the culture within. They took several trips overseas to purchase period pieces and provide research for the theme of the restaurant. The “Musée d'Orsay” in paris, France was the inspiration for the “steel” girders that support the ceiling in the main dining room. New Leaf Builders recreated meticulously with wood and thousands of wooden rivets. Pictures of the creation of this element can be viewed in the slideshow link above.


After shipping a job-box full of tools and securing housing, Shane and Nat headed to Seattle to work for close to three months. The first phase of work was focused on recreating the “steel” girders and also in rough framing of the booths for seating. After the space was enclosed in sheetrock and painted we began the process of incorporating the salvaged materials and really bringing the restaurant to life.

All of the table tops in the restaurant were custom cut and joined on site. We were able to work with a wood made of Pine and pressure treated with a non-toxic pigment and hardener. The hardener in the wood gave it new properties similar to that of a hard wood species. On-site custom joinery and finishing enabled s to create the restaurants “community table” which is a solid finished piece measuring 3 feet wide by 20’ feet long! It is one of Bastilles signature elements.


The restaurant and cafe opened to packed crowds and rave reviews from critics and patrons alike (Click on the link to Bastille to read review). Within the first month of opening the owners had no choice but to expand the space to accommodate the overwhelming demand! We are proud to have been a part of such a beautiful and successful restaurant.


Community Table

Tiled “Bridge” Support

Early Framing Stage

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